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Mobility plus high capacity

Taking decisions must be done at any time, at any place. iPad is the best solution to check relevant information or present documents in any location. But an iPad has a limited capacity to store data, and not always the last version of documents is available.

To get all documents from office updated at any time, INNOVATURE has put in the market the solution to accede to all files from any place, using Wi-Fi or 3G.

Management of iPad and iPhone

Companies start to see the benefits of mobile devices like iPad, and tablets from other makers. They are ideal solutions to take decisions at any time, but these equipment manage confidential information and must be handled in the same way than laptops and Personal Computers.

INNOVATURE has solutions to manage mobile devices, we offer our solutions and expertise to match the best solution to your business requirements.

Business Solutions

We can advise you which are the best market applications for your business.

You save time and money, and get sure best match your company processes and procedures.

Solutions based on your profile

What’s your work all about?

Architect, lawyer, journalist or freelance in any kind of activity.

We will show, or better we can configure for you the equipment with the applications that best fit your necessities.

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